Earlier on Sunday I got a phone call from Eastin. Below is a transcript:

Eastin: Yo, my du! What’s up brah! I am at Kim’s sweet ass lake hiz-ouse. They have a billion dollar art studio here, so I totally could make a new Spaceship Long Island, but I am not going to do it. Here’s what I say, fuck everyone! I just want to count million dollar bills while I float on the lake sipping pina coladas!

Ryan: Listen you sonofabitch! I’m not going to let you do this! I have a sense of duty and I care about people!

That was basically how it went.

Actually, Eastin very sportingly offered to throw together a Memorial Day placeholder on his iPad, but I needed something to distract me today so I turned down the placeholder and took this one on solo. The result is a 2AM finish time and a fake telephone transcript that is probably not as funny as it sounded in my head.