For those of you who are worried… MFA is not dead following the tradition of South Park and Scott Kurtz killing their characters at random only to have them appear next time as if nothing had happened.

This strip was all Eastin, so I will let him tell you about it.

It seems like it was yesterday that Ryan and I were comparing deaths on our squads in Mass Effect 2′s suicide mission. I lost five good men/aliens/women, he lost none. I’ve always played it a little recklessly, though. But we’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for ME3 to arrive and, well, it’s finally here. I’m only about an hour into it because I’m a masochistic son of a bitch and decided to make this week’s strip a nice 24 panels. And it took a LONG time.

After Ryan’s strip from last week, The Quest, and mine from this week, we’ve come to terms that there are no more rules in the SSLI universe. And that’s okay. I hope you guys enjoy it. I actually lost my mind a good three or four times while working on it.

To close I will just say that sometimes I wish I were on King Kai’s planet with all the free time in the world to just sit around and play video games with Goku. Ahh . . . a boy can dream.

Okay. I’m gonna go play Mass Effect now.


If anyone wants to get some multiplayer in, let me know!!!

Of course, if you have Mass Effect on the PC, like a man, instead of the 360, like a child, let me know and we can play.