If you didn’t pick up on Cap’s unintentional quip, do yourself a favor and check out Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. Just be ready to go into a depression spiral once you do.

I <3 this week's strip, so please excuse me if I brag a little. Every week, as we are working on a new comic, I think to myself, man, this is our best one yet. By the end of the process, my enthusiasm is usually tempered a little bit by familiarity. You can only read the same punchline so many times before it loses its punch.

But this week, Eastin and I were cracking up the entire time as we worked on this. I love the writing this week, I love the two huge splashes, but my favorite part is actually the three small panels of Hemingway beating the tar out of poor MFA. They are just so kinetic and Jack Kirby-esque.