Sorry it is a day late, but these super-sized strips take a long time!

When we decided to introduce MFA into the story, we wanted to have Cap interact with more people. He had talked to seagulls and robots plenty, but aside from a quick tryst with Beth Page he was never around actual people.

The risk here was that SSLI might start to become a story about feelings.

Eastin and I don’t feel feelings. We have trained ourselves to repress overcome them and function as efficient, intellectual golems.

Still feelings are sneaky, and in the first panel Cap certainly looks like he could be wandering the quad at Forks High School

That is the high school from Twilight. I Googled it.

Hopefully, the last panel makes up for emo opener.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go finish putting the puff-paint on my Team Jacob t-shirt.

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