If you don’t recognize Melvin Francis Alexi (MFA), you may want to refresh your memory here.

I have been waiting for this strip and the introduction of MFA since we started Spaceship Long Island. Originally, there was no Captain Long Island. The premise of the strip was that Long Island got shot into space, and while everyone else was doing awesome space stuff, MFA was stuck cleaning toilets at Cedar Beach because he had no practical skills to find employment.

We realized pretty quickly that that would be the most boring comic in the world, and so we replaced him with his antithesis, Captain Long Island.

Still, we both felt that there was a place in the story for MFA. It just took us a little while to figure out where. Now that he has arrived, there is good stuff ahead.

As for Carver, well, that is just a personal vendetta against a dead man, or maybe it’s against his disciples.

Although I enjoy Anne Beattie.

Still, the atrocities that are carried out in Carver’s name in fiction workshops across this country could rightly be called an affront to narrative.