This one is a little late, but cut me some slack it was my birthday weekend!

In honor of our mystery blogger, I will pose a question:

What is your favorite poem?

Give us an answer in the comments below. What’s that you say, the question is too big? How could I pick just one poem?

Well, let me sweeten the pot for you a bit. We shall select one of the submitted poems at random and draw Cap, sitting by the fireside, reciting your favorite poem. You can frame it, place it beside your old armchair and reflect on it during quiet moments. And hey, if you pick the Aeneid, then we will illustrate all twelve books.

Not really. Keep it lyric.

You better do it, otherwise I will win by default and that means George Herbert.

Alternatively, we will also consider original works, so long as they walk the thin gray line between awesome and soul-quenching.

The contest will run until the next strip is posted.