I hate missing a week. I hate it, but there was nothing to be done for it last week.

Every so often Easting gets an itch to write the blog post, and every so often I indulge his fancy. This is one such week.

Oh, and if you are confused about what Cap is talking about, check this two-parter.

Well, the weekend we’ve all been waiting for has come and gone. PR Pat and I decided that Friday night before Comic Con that we’d take it easy at the Bull Dog, you know, just a few social beers. Well, it’s probably not hard to figure out that that didn’t happen. Big John was behind the bar again and it’s just so damn hard to turn down a pancake shot from him.

We eventually made it home to join Ryan in a serious SSLI PR session (writing and printing up flyers and cutting sheets of temp. tattoos–which are pretty damn awesome. Thanks for helping us cut them out, Kim!)

We wanted to get to the con early so Pat could get his ticket, but he was too hung over and couldn’t wake up so we got there a little late.

The con was madness. Madness I tell you! There was a weird naked man/woman(?) outside the Javits center, way too many people dressed up as Japanese school girls, an extremely weird Ken Masters cosplayer who made me feel weird, and just tons of smelly, sweaty, smelly people. I had originally thought that the three of us were better than everyone there. I turned to Pat and Ryan more than once to ask if this was what we were like. Are we this nerdy? Are we this smelly? It couldn’t possibly be so.

But it was. We were right outside of Artist Alley near the indie section. Pat was looking at yaoi, Ryan was thinking of Remy, and I was, well, I was crop dusting the whole indie section. And it was then that I realized just where I was and just what I was doing. I was the same. But it was a comforting realization. I felt at home.

I think the temporary tattoos and flyers were pretty successful. If anyone wants any please ask. We have more!

Shout out to Jordan, Sean, and Rich for helping us give ‘em out. Thanks, guys!

And if there are any newcomers from the con, welcome to Spaceship Long Island!