Eastin is flying solo again this week, grinding graphite into tree fibers to create art in the old tradition of marble notebooks and Trapper Keepers filled with college-ruled tank battles. He sent me another blurb to go along with this comic, but honestly, I was seriously hesitant to put in online. I think he must have been punch-drunk from the hurricane or something, because this thing is barely intelligible, and the semi-colons… my god… the semi-colons!

They delineate an independent clause, you troglodyte! They are not your personal playthings!

It is a good thing I <3 this weeks strip so much, because otherwise I would seriously be reconsidering our partnership after this:


I once; had an issue; as a young; boy at; Amityville Beach with a bully at the swing set. I’ll tell you about it in a little.

But first,

Ryan hated my original blurb, so I am rewriting it. My feelings were hurt, but it’s okay. Just know out there, everyone, that I would never, ever say a hurtful word to my dear, dear friend, Ryan.

Well, Irene came and went and we survived. Dougie M decided to kick it old school this morning and ride his bike over to the house. We rode our bikes through knee-high water around Amityville and let me tell you, things were jacked up. To all my homies who had it rough with the storm, hang in there. Chin up.

Also, PR Pat is taking donations to help with his place. If you don’t want to donate, buy him a beer. He likes that, too.

Okay, back to the comic strip. So, like I was saying. I was at the beach one time as a little kid and all I wanted to do was ride a swing. I waited for my turn and then got on. After a little bit of swinging, some bully came up to me and pushed me off of the swing. I was sad. Maybe I shed a tear or two. And I just sat there in the sand and waited for my turn again. After a bit he left and I started swinging again. Then the same kid comes back and apologizes. He said it wasn’t him, but his “twin” brother who had acted so rudely. He had to have been from Massapequa, I thought. No kind soul from Amityville would ever act in such a disgraceful manner. And so that’s where this strip stems from.

I just want to say one more thing. I think I have the best web comic partner in the whole world. And I would never call out the typos or punctuation errors in his blurb above mine. Never.


Here’s a shot of the aftermath of Irene.

Ugh. That was painful.

Last night I dreamt that I was playing the greatest 16-bit RPG ever made, and when I awoke to discover that it wasn’t real the grief was exhausting. The whole affair put me back in the mood to play some 16-bit RPGs again, suggestions?