Well, he is back, Eastin has returned from Spain and as you can see he is serving up some serious Steam Boat Willy-style SSLI. The truth is, inclement weather trapped me in New Hampshire yesterday, and so Eastin drew this strip solo using only the byzantine techniques that have been handed down from father to son ever since the first Deverna’s crawled out of the primordial ooze to draw seagulls on cave walls.

There is one thing that he was not able to do though — he couldn’t do the lettering. As everyone knows, Eastin has the world’s worst handwriting. His words look more like secret glyphs than any modern alphabet. And so to do the lettering for this strip he recruited my Mom! Props, Mom. Mad props.

I will let Eastin tell you about this strip in his own words from here:

Don’t get me wrong, Spain was incredible, but it’s good to be back on Long Island. Aw hell, who am I kidding? I’d much rather still be in Spain. Anyhow, I have to give props to Ryan for stepping up with some stelar art work, incredibly epic story lines, phenomenal special effects (lighthouse), and a wonderful interlude away from the origin story.

While abroad, I woke up with a smile on my face every single day. I thought it might have been the lasting effects from the previous night’s sangria, cerveza, and tapas, along with the cathedrals, palaces, palm trees, beaches and mountains, but I realized, now that I am back on Long Island, that it wasn’t any of that stuff. It was the lack of spray tans, blow out haircuts, and the horribly oppressing stench of Axe body sprays. If you’re not from Amityville, you might not be aware of the rivalry between us gruff, seafaring, hard working swashbucklers and those coxcombs infesting the border of Nassau and Suffolk. But, the rivalry is there, albeit perhaps a bit unspoken at times. Just go into McGoreys (Mozzapizza) and then into the Bulldog (Amityville), you’ll see the difference.

But, hey! It’s all in good fun. I happen to have a few friends from over there.

And for real, it’s good to be back on LI.


Oh, and people keep telling me that they didn’t realize that there were one, two, three strips last week.

That is right, unless you saw all three strips last week go back and check them out!