Here it is, the pièce de résistance of my solo SSLI run. I love this strip.

I am still in Alaska, and by now it is entirely possible that I have been mauled by a bear (OMG, imagine if this is actually true! This blog post will be sooooo creepy! WoooooOOOOoooo! I’m still alive! Macabre!). If that is the case, I am happy going out on this strip. I am also happy because I know that Eastin will never top it, and now everyone will just say, SSLI is still pretty OK, but it is just not the same since that bear ate Ryan.

Oh, make sure you have this music playing!

Well, if my bear prediction is not true, I will be back next week with one final solo piece before Eastin comes back, but it will be a break from the main storyline. It will be an exploration of something from the past.