No joke. If you can die from poison ivy, I think I am dying. It is in between my fingers. Drawing Captain Long Island up there was an exercise in sustained agony, but I did it because professionals get the job done.

Here is a question that I will pose to SSLI’s readership, WTF is poison ivy? I mean, as a defense mechanism, the oils from poison ivy are pretty awful. Most of the time you don’t realize until days later that you were even near poison ivy. So if the oils are a defense mechanism that the plant evolved, it has to be the most damn vindictive defense mechanism ever. It’s like, haha, you can trample me, eat me, rip me up, and while I may die — in about three days you are going to hate life.

Poison ivy is a plant that evolved into a vindictive bastard. I hate you poison ivy.

And, yes. I am really weeping.