It came up in the comments last week, but I am just going to come out and say it — the Riverhead Lunch is not as good as the one in Amagansett. It’s got a different kind of vibe, not a bad one, just different, and Riverhead is a cool town, but it doesn’t offer the same sea-side shack appeal as Amagansett. In that sense, today’s comic represents a real loss.

Damn you, Mega-Ra. Although, I heard Planet Pharaoh’s lobster rolls are pretty good.

Speaking of losses, let me be the first to say “adiĆ³s” to Eastin who leaves for Spain this week. He’ll be there for a month, which means that I have an entire month to carry out all of the pet projects that he has red-lighted me on. In reality, his loss will be felt, especially when it is Sunday night and I can’t draw the Captain’s hands. To compensate I plan on implementing at least one special project while he is gone. What kind of special project? Hmmm.