This has been a super busy week for Spaceship Long Island.

Most importantly, the Munchkin contest poll is still open. Go HERE to vote for Spaceship Long Island and raise money to help support A Forever Home Rescue Foundation. If you have already voted… THANK YOU!! THANK YOU !! THANK YOU!! Remember you can vote again from work… from your phone… from your iPad. It all adds up.

Second, our site is finally nearing completion. There are just a few more items on the list. You might have noticed the sparkly new sidebar to the left. It contains some pretty rad links. It will let you follow SSLI on Facebook, Twitter, or via RSS.

That is not all though, the Facebook LIKE button has moved over to the right sidebar, and it has been joined by a Twitter badge and a StumbleUpon badge. I can’t emphasize enough how much Eastin and I appreciate it when you guys click those buttons. We basically spend our entire day on Mondays watching the Facebook Like counter tick up. It is like getting digital high fives all day.

Oh, and there is a new strip. PR Pat said that he thought we should probably remind people that Long Island is flying through space. That seemed like a pretty smart idea. So we did it.