Hi! If you are a new reader coming here via the Munchkin web comic contest, thanks for taking a look! Let me entice you further by saying that Spaceship Long Island is just ELEVEN pages long at this point. That’s like maybe five minutes worth of reading! Why not check it out from the beginning?

Don’t have five minutes? OK! Here is the quick version: Earth exploded and Long Island got launched into space (like a spaceship, hence the title) and Captain Long Island, that handsome fella above, just finished a knock-down, drag-out battle with the evil robot Multar (no relation?), Synthetic Autarch of the Boneslayer Nebula! If you like what you see, we update every Sunday night, and by Sunday night I really mean, like, 4AM Monday morning.

OK. Now that the new people are distracted – old, reliable readers. Hello. How are you?

You might be asking yourself these questions or having these thoughts:

  • What is Munchkin?
  • While I enjoy the silly outfit, I feel like I am not getting something.

Just a short three months ago I would have been in your boat, but then I had a life altering experience at PAX East. Let me tell you about it.

On the second day of PAX, Eastin was feeling pretty down because after dominating his bracket in Saturday’s Street Fighter IV tournament and advancing to the final bracket he got absolutely LIT UP by a Honda player in his first match. I mean LIT UP. Just like that all his dreams were dashed. So with our eyes burning from hours of staring at Street Fighter, we decided to mix things up and head to the tabletop area of the convention. There among various editions of D&D, Arkham Horrors, and Settlers of Catan we found a game called Munchkin. I had heard it was pretty fun, but had never played. Undaunted, our PAX crew brought the game to one of the MANY tables at PAX and decided to give the game a shot.

We were joined by two brothers named Seth and Eliot who appeared like guiding angels from the Seraphic Order of Geekery to shepherd us through our first game, and who vanished just as mysteriously to go see a Ledo and Ix panel after the game was done. Guys if you are out there, get in touch!

Anyway, what we quickly discovered is that Munchkin is basically D&D Lite with an emphasis on killing stuff and getting ph@t loot! But there is one more important difference! Let’s face it – anyone who has ever played D&D knows that there comes a moment in any campaign when all you want to do is murder everyone else in your party for your own personal gain. And that is what Munchkin is – you form alliances, you break alliances, you backstab, you cheat, you work together until it stops being convenient, and then you screw over your partner. It is what we always wanted D&D to be!

If you have ever read Machiavelli’s The Prince and thought, damn, I wish I could try my hand at all that devious scheming! Or read Castiglione’s Book of the Courtier and thought, I wish I could be that suave, then Munchkin is for you! Alternatively, you might consider a degree in romance languages and 15th century Italy. Either way, you are bound to impress people with your sprezzatura!

Munchkin comes in a variety of flavors. My personal favorite is Munchkin Cthulhu (you can see Cowthulhu peaking over the top of the Gazebo above). Anyway, the people at Steve Jackson Games (the makers of Munchkin) are running a web comic contest right now, and if you enjoyed today’s page, or just enjoyed the monsters at the bottom (all lifted from the game and original concept credit goes to John Kovalic) then why not check them out.

Eastin and I will also dispense wisdom about the game and accept dueling invitations here or on Facebook.

Disclaimer: Munchkin is a trademark of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated, and the art and unique card titles from Munchkin are copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. All rights are reserved by SJ Games.