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UPDATE: Head over to ModernBorefare.com and check out their interview with me and Eastin. I mentioned ModernBorefare.com previously because it is operated by an outstanding gentleman, but I can now also report that it has become a regular fixture of my fevered Interweb browsing. If you like comics and video games, I suggest making it a fixture of yours as well!

We chose Route 110 because that was the road that Eastin and I grew up on, but you could substitute in 347, certain stretches of Sunrise Highway, the neighboring 109, Long Island has no shortage of “miracle miles.” These are sprawling desolate places trimmed with carpet wholesalers, self-storage facilities, hour-rate lodgings like the infamous Sayonara Motel, and countless fast food restaurants.

All kidding aside, Route 110 is a dangerous road. Don’t believe me? Maybe that Huntington Patch article will convince you!